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How to approach vendors with DMARC related questions?

Deploying DMARC for all domains can be a hard process. During this process a lot of sources need to be set up correctly in order to send DMARC compliant email. Some sources have documentation available on how to let their emails become DMARC compliant. However most sources do not and therefore it can be difficult to reach a 100% DMARC compliance rate.

DMARC Analyzer has an email template which can be send to a source in order to ask them how to send DMARC compliant email via their platform.

Please reach out to us when you receive information on how to setup DMARC for a source. We could use this information as we would like to share this with all our customers. Doing so we can add this to our library and help our customers to send DMARC compliant email via the source.


Dear Sir/Madam,

We (as company X / as municipally X) use the software solution (Y) that is offered by you.

At the moment we are implementing DMARC for our domains. DMARC makes it possible to prevent phishing and brand abuse on domains by actively blocking emails without a legitimate SPF and / or DKIM set up.

When analyzing the data we receive via DMARC, I can see that the emails being sent through your platform are not yet DMARC compliant. We would like to have this and would like to hear what the possibilities are for sending DMARC compliant email using your software solution.

I would like to clarify the situation even further:

It concerns the situation where the ‘From’ header is set up on behalf of our company:
From: [email protected]

It is important that one of the techniques below is set up correctly in order to make a message DMARC compliant. In any case it is most important to us is to set up DKIM since this will this will result in higher compliance.

A DKIM signature should be placed on this messages, with the DKIM signing domain being equal to ‘company.nl’. This way we achieve ‘alignment’ and the message will be DMARC compliant.

Most of the time the SPF settings are derived from the ‘Return-Path’ domain, that is also located in the headers of an email. This domain should be equal to ‘company.nl’ to make the message DMARC compliant.

We would like to hear what the possibilities for you are to make are emails DMARC compliant. If there are any uncertainties, we would also like to hear this.