Protection against phishing attacks for charities

How DMARC protects charity organizations against impersonation attacks

Why charities need DMARC

There are a lot of charities in the world and they spend a lot of time and effort for a greater cause. This is very positive, however cybersecurity is not always top of mind for charities. The combination of receiving a lot of money and not having cybersecurity top of mind, make charities an easy target for spoofing and phishing attacks. Malicious sources will abuse domains form charities to abstract money from people willing to help others.

“As a charity you want to be sure that you can fully focus on making the world a better place and do not want to be bothered by the consequences of successful spoofing attacks on your behalf”

How DMARC Analyzer can solve these problems

Charities use DMARC Analyzer to successfully deploy DMARC on all owned domains. Doing so, making sure that all their donors receive legitimate emails from their domains. With DMARC Analyzer charities get full insight in all the sources sending email on their behalf, both legitimate and malicious. This insight allows charities to correctly setup their legitimate sources with SPF & DKIM and in the end enforce a DMARC reject policy.

dmarc and charities