DMARC is effective in defending against targeted phishing attacks and student loan scams

How DMARC protects educational organizations against impersonation attacks

Why educational organizations need DMARC

Educational organizations store a lot of personal information of their students, ranging from social numbers, residences and bank account numbers. Given that educational organizations have a high reputation among their students, students are likely to fall for a targeted phishing attack on behalf of the educational organization’s domains. The same applies the other way around. Educational organizations often provide their students with email accounts, employees could fall for targeted phishing attacks coming from student email accounts as well. Would an employee fall for it, a lot of sensitive (personal) information could be leaked and obtained by scammers.

“Only 3 percent of the top 200 schools in the 2020 WSJ/THE College Rankings have DMARC configured at its fullest protection level”

How using DMARC Analyzer can solve these problems

With DMARC it is possible to stop malicious senders from using the domains of educational organizations. With DMARC Analyzer all email streams will become visible, both legitimate and malicious. With this insight, educational organizations can correctly configure their legitimate sources and enforce a DMARC policy to stop spoofing and phishing scams on their behalf.

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