Countless malicious emails target or impersonate Financial institutions

How DMARC can protect Financial institutions against impersonation attacks

Why Financial institutions need DMARC

Financial institutions are always attractive for malicious senders to abuse. Financial institutions handle countless payments every day. Because of the enormous increase of digital payments, sending email on behalf of a Financial institution is a common practice under malicious senders. The amount of money involved with these payments can be huge. Malicious senders know the reward of a successful phishing attack can be very valuable when they target employees or customers of a Financial institution.

“There are approximately 15 billion spam/phishing emails sent per day, nearly half of which target or impersonate financial institutions”

How DMARC can solve these problems

With DMARC Analyzer Financial institutions can ensure their employees and customers only receive legitimate emails originating from their domains. With the overviews of DMARC Analyzer, malicious streams will become visible in an instance. With this insight, spoofing and phishing attacks become visible and employees and customers can be alerted. With the usage of DMARC Analyzer, legitimate sources can be correctly authenticated. Once this is done, the Financial institution can lock down their email channel and doing so, mitigate the impact of spoofing and phishing attacks.

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