Years of trust can be lost by a single spoofing attack

How DMARC can protect Legal organizations against impersonation attacks

Why law firms need DMARC

As a Legal Service it is of the upper most important that documents and client information is handled with care. Legal Services handle a lot of privacy sensitive information and therefore trust development is of great importance. Malicious senders from all over the world send email on behalf of trusted Legal organizations, often without Legal organizations being aware of it. Imagine a client gets deceived by a spoofing email, documents and personal information are then intercepted by a malicious sender. The impact of a successful spoofing attack can be a disaster for the reputation of Legal organizations.

How DMARC Analyzer can solve these problems

Legal organizations use DMARC to ensure clients only receive legitimate emails originating from their domains. Using DMARC, Legal organizations can lock down their email channel and doing so, mitigate the impact of spoofing attacks. With DMARC Analyzer Legal organizations gain full insight into their email channel, which is required to improve their email authentication. DMARC Analyzer helps to authenticate legitimate sources and mitigate the impact of malicious emails.

DMARC and legal institutions