DMARC improves the security and deliverability of Marketing companies emails

How DMARC can protect the Marketing industry against impersonation attacks and improve deliverability

Why Marketing companies need DMARC

Marketing companies send out lots of emails to their customers on a daily basis. Email is a great way to reach a broad audience, but comes with difficulties. Malicious senders like to spoof Marketing companies and trick their customers to malicious websites. Successful spoofing attacks harm the reputation of Marketing companies and can lead to customers being hesitant to open emails originating from their domains. Sending bulk email also comes with deliverability issues, since ISPs might mark a domain (certain IPs) as spam due to the high email volume. This can lead to emails not arriving in the primary inbox of the receivers and a decrease in potential revenue.

“Implementing DMARC improves email security and deliverability”

How DMARC Analyzer can solve these problems

Using DMARC, Marketing companies can start authenticating their outgoing emails. With DMARC Analyzer, Marketing companies gain insight into their email channel and see which sources needs to be authenticated. If all legitimate sources are properly authenticated, domain reputation will be improved. By authenticating emails, ISPs can ensure that the emails sent on behalf of a Marketing company are actually originating from their domains. When all legitimate sources are authenticated, Marketing companies can start mitigating the impact of spoofing on their domains. This will ensure customers are no longer vulnerable to spoofing attacks.

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