Product updates

New features: Domain grouping, Add domains directly and Worldmap of Threats

New features to simplify your DMARC project
DMARC Analyzer loves feedback we’re constantly working on new features. Our latest update contains 3 much requested features.

Managing a high number of domains made easier
For organizations with many domains, it’s common to use a different approach to deploy DMARC for a selection of domains. From now on our software provides the possibility to group domains. This can be based on geographical area, email activity on these domains or anything you wish to group by. The domain grouping feature enables you to get statistics of selected domains groups. This simplifies monitoring all your domains and determine which next steps to take to move towards a reject policy.

DMARC domain grouping

Add domains directly to the dashboard
No more waiting for the first DMARC reports to arrive. From now you can add (a list of) domains to your dashboard. Our software checks the status of DMARC records on each domain. To help you implement DMARC records, or to provide insight in the email activity on each domain. All to assist you to manage your DMARC project successfully.

dmarc add domains

Be aware where threats in your email channels origin from
From our customers and own experience, we learned it’s important to know where sending sources origin from. It’s an important parameter to judge whether an email source is malicious. From now on, it’s possible to see threats per country at a glance.