Dutch registrars will be rewarded for DMARC deployment

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SIDN will soon expand its Registrar Scorecard with multiple standards that contribute to further securing email. SIDN is going to reward registrars who implement StartTLS, DKIM, SPF and DMARC standards to their domain portfolio.

The Registrar Scorecard was launched back in 2015. Within this program SIDN rewards registrars who contribute in improving the quality of the .nl-zone. At first SIDN rewarded registrars who implemented improvements on the following areas: active use, IPv6, correct contact details and security. The project turned-out to be a huge success and a lot of Registrars joined the program. In addition to financial incentives, worth € 1.3 million last year, the participants were rewarded with reports that provided them with many insights into their portfolio.

Recently it was already announced that all Dutch governments must implement a strict policy for DMARC and SPF by the end of 2019. In 2017 implementing DMARc was already mandatory for US government agencies.

It is great to see that the .nl zone is being stimulated to put its security in order.