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Mimecast DMARC Analyzer helps you stop the abuse of your owned domains by cybercriminals as part of phishing and spam attacks. As one of the pioneers of DMARC, the user-friendly service is designed to guide you towards a DMARC reject policy as quickly as possible.
  • 360-degree visibility & reporting
  • De-risk policy enforcement
  • User-friendly interface
  • DNS delegation
  • Managed Services (optional)
  • DNS timeline
  • Integrated workflow manager
  • Reduce IT and operational costs
  • Simplified DMARC deployment
  • SSO through Mimecast console
  • Multi-level user authorization
  • Encrypted forensic reports
  • Real time monitoring alerts
  • Up-to 1 year data retention

Tailor-made DMARC Services built for you.

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Less than 100 employees? There are Freemium and Pay as you go plans available