How to remove a domain from your account?

In this article we will cover how you can remove a domain from your account.

How to remove a domain?

First step to take when removing a domain from the DMARC Analyzer Suite, is to remove the DMARC record that points to DMARC Analyzer. When the record is removed or points to another email address than that of DMARC Analyzer, DMARC Analyzer will no longer receive reports for the domain. Then the domain can be easily removed within the DMARC Analyzer Suite. When viewing the domains dashboard within the app, one can easily select which domains should be removed.The image below shows exactly how a domain can be removed:

remove domain

Note Removing a domain will not remove the data and volume from an account. The date will be automatically purged based on the retention of the account. When volume is exceeded within an account, removing a domain will not delete the data or lower the volume.