Scaling email marketing? Use DMARC for a better deliverability

Sending bulk marketing email is still a common and effective marketing approach. Scaling up email marketing also comes with deliverability problems. This article explains how DMARC can help when scaling up email marketing.

With email marketing an organization can reach out to a big audience at once. This can be incredibly effective and profitable, however this can also come with problems. It is possible to get blacklisted by certain ISPs or that ISPs place emails in the spam folder of the receiver. These are problems that organizations can experience when scaling up email marketing.

Publishing a DMARC record for a domain let’s ISPs, who have adopted DMARC, know that this domain wants to receive feedback about their email authentication. This enables an organization to receive feedback about the SPF and DKIM setup for this domain. With this feedback an organization can start improving their email authentication with SPF and DKIM.

Besides that a DMARC record enables organizations work on improve their email authentication, it also lets ISPs know that an organization is working on improving security of their domain. ISPs want to ensure their customers receive legitimate emails and do not receive spam. Considering this, ISPs are more likely to let e-mails pass from a domain that has a DMARC record. So, implementing a DMARC record on the domain used for email marketing can improve email deliverability. It can cause emails that previously ended up in the spam folder of the receiver, will land in the primary inbox.

Besides blocking malware and phishing attacks, DMARC can improve email deliverability. Desire more information on how DMARC can help organizations? Do not hesitate to reach out to us.