Set up Two-factor authentication for additional security

DMARC Analyzer takes the security of your data very serious. We protect our systems with the latest techniques. For us this is obvious as your account is filled with valuable information describing your companies infrastructure.

However next to the security we can implement, we also believe it is very important for our users to have a high level of security protecting their accounts.

Therefore we’ve implemented Two-factor authentication. This is a technique to add an extra level of security to your user account.

Enabling Two-factor authentication is quite easy. Just follow these steps below!

  • Access your profile (Top right menu > Profile)
  • Click on the ‘enable Two-factor authentication’ box
  • Download and install a two-factor authentication application like Google Authenticator / Windows Authenticator / Authy
  • Use the app to scan the QR code. Make a backup of the mentioned ‘2FA key’. You will need this key when you lose your 2FA device to restore access to your DMARC Analyzer account
  • Enter a verification code which is provided by the 2FA application
  • You’re all set! Next time you login you’re asked for the 2FA code. Use the 2FA application again to generate a new code.