Too many DNS lookups? You need SPF delegation

DMARC Analyzer offers managed SPF delegation. SPF delegation complements a DMARC project. SPF delegation enables a safe, smart and fast way to reach the DMARC reject policy. SPF delegation is available as an optional add-on for Enterprise users.

SPF change management

Within a DMARC project, SPF changes have to be made in order to remove and add new hosts of authorised senders. SPF management can be costly and has risks. When a new vendor has to be plugged in, this is usually the responsibility of the email team, who will hand it off to the network team and finally to the DNS or Ops team. Since multiple departments have to be consulted, making changes can lead to an error-prone and unnecessarily expensive procedures that occurs each time your organization adds or removes email vendors.

Unlimited SPF lookups

In addition to problems related to SPF changes, SPF records only allow 10 ‘lookups’, to reduce the load on the email receivers side. Not exceeding the lookup limit can be hard for organizations with complex infrastructures. When an organization has multiple sources sending email on their behalf (payment providers, CRM systems, email marketing programs, project management tools, security solutions, etc.), not exceeding the lookup limit is difficult. SPF delegation resolves lookup limit issues by automatically compressing the required SPF lookups.

SPF management

Managed SPF delegation of DMARC Analyzer restores confidence and sanity to your email initiatives. With SPF delegation a DMARC specialist will manage your SPF record. The DMARC specialist will compress, update and monitor your SPF record. It will always be possible to contact your DMARC specialist regarding changes and updates within your SPF record. SPF delegation reduces risk and saves time as changes are completed by a DMARC specialist. With SPF delegation the lookup limit will never be exceeded.

More advantages of SPF delegation:

  • SPF delegation gives you all of the security and deliverability benefits of SPF without the complexity
  • SPF delegation overcomes protocol limitations allowing all of your vendors to safely coexist in your SPF policy
  • SPF delegation removes the DNS risk by enabling management of your email vendors from a simple dashboard

The SPF delegation functionality is a not available by default contact us for more information about SPF delegation.