Can I receive a copy of the DMARC reports?

You can achieve this in multiple ways, but it is surely possible! Add multiple emailaddresses to your DMARC record You can add more then 1 URI to your DMARC DNS record to receive the reports as well. An example of this can be: v=DMARC1; rua=mailto:[email protected],mailto:[email protected]; p=none; sp=none; fo=0; Caution: Using this setup it is important …

Setup forwarding from Google Apps

If you use Google Apps and you would like to set up your own address in the DMARC DNS record, Google will require confirmation from our end to allow automated forwarding. We will automatically confirm forwarding requests. To confirm this, you will also receive an email with the confirmation code from Google.

How long does it take for DMARC reports to appear?

The first step to start deploying DMARC is to update your DNS record as instructed by our setup. However, you may not directly see results in the tool. ISPs (/ DMARC report senders) may cache the results of the DNS records for up to 72 hours (independent of the TTL of your DNS records). So, …

What is an Organizational Domain?

While implementing DMARC you will probably see the term ‘Organizational Domain’. This basically is your main domain combined with the domain extension. Examples: => => => =>