What happens after my trial ends?

Creating an account on DMARC app only requires your name and email address.
You’ll get a 14 day free trial to get to know our system!

Account with under 25.000 in volume?

If you do not subscribe to a new plan, you’ll fall back to the freemium subscription automatically as soon as your trial ends. You can still access your account but you’ll have restriction in functionalities.

More than 25.000 in volume?

You will be locked out of your account and asked to upgrade your account.

Important: Of course, our trial offers limited functionality. After the 14-days you will lose functionalities regardless of your volume. If you want to continue we advise you to check our pricing page in advance.

Functionalities that will disappear after 14 days are marked with a crown icon:
– Per sending source overview (DMARC Aggregate report section)
– Per organization overview (DMARC Aggregate report section)
– Detailed statistics overview (DMARC Aggregate report section)
– DMARC Forensic report section
– Timeline
– Compliance monitor (Alert & reporting)
– DMARC summary (Alert & reporting)
– DNS monitor (Alert & reporting)