Email authentication

What is a DKIM selector?

When trying to verify a DKIM record check – it will automatically ask for the DKIM selector. In this article we’ll explain what is a DKIM selector.

What is DKIM?

DKIM is an email authentication technique which organizations use to protect their email. Find more information about what is DKIM on our website.

What is a DKIM selector?

A DKIM selector is part of the DKIM record and it allows publishing multiple DKIM keys on your domain.

When creating a DKIM signature for an email, you will need to mention which private key to use. This key is totally bound to a certain selector. The associated public key is published in the DNS on a ‘subdomain’ which also contains this selector:

So a selector can be re-used across domains but a specific domain can only publish 1 public key on a specific selector. Their names are arbitrary: can indicate server locations, signing dates or individual source names.

Use multiple selectors to setup multiple vendors using DKIM or allow key rotation for a specific vendor.

Once the selector and the associated domain are in place, they will need to be validated. The DKIM record check of DMARC Analyzer shows if there is a valid or invalid DKIM key record.

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