Protection from Spam,
Phishing and Malware attacks

DNS record generation tool

The first step to get started with DMARC is to generate a DNS record, our tool will help you to achieve this.

Insightful reports

We generate the necessary reports that will give you insight into the IP address which do not comply to the DMARC standards.

Email Authentication

Need help from our DMARC Analyzer team for a complete email authentication? We offer very useful assessments for your company or label.

Automated DMARC report

Let DMARC Analyzer do all the work for you! Setting up automatically processed daily DMARC reports saves you lots of manual processing.

Tips to decrease erroneous IP

We give tips to decrease the number of erroneous IP addresses and what the next steps are in how to get your e-mail aligned.

Check your e-mail flows

Send an e-mail to us, and you will receive an e-mail back with information about SPF/DKIM/DMARC results.

Learn more about DMARC

DMARC (or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is a security framework which can:

• Help senders reduce e-mail abuse
• Help receivers determine how to treat spam

DMARC combines the well known (and well spread) authentication techniques SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and add an important aspect: reporting. Untill now senders didn’t have insight in the percentage of their mail which didn’t pass the SPF/DKIM checks or which weren’t signed in the first place.

By using DMARC you can get important information about the mail you send. You can use this information to get all your e-mail DMARC compliant. DMARC compliant is more then just mail which is ‘authenticated’, but it is also related to your sending domain. This domain must be ‘aligned’ with the SPF or the DKIM domain.

Use DMARC analyzer to help you analyze the RAW data reports you will receive when using DMARC.

Using DMARC analyzer is easy:

Register for DMARC analyzer
The first step is to register for our system by providing some data.

Automated processing – generate a DNS record
Please generate a DNS record and publish it in your DNS. Once this is done correctly the ISPs (Google/Yahoo/etc.) will start sending you DMARC reports within one day. After registering for DMARC analyzer a DNS record generator will be available which includes your account-specific email address.

Forward reports
You can also (manually or automatically) forward DMARC reports to your account-specific email address. This address will be generated automatically after you’ve registered for DMARC analyzer. Are you forwarding from a Google Apps account? Don’t worry, we’ll automatically confirm the confirmation request.

Manually upload reports
You can also manually upload DMARC reports for processing.

Analyze the statistics
Analyze the statistics we provide you in a clear table and take actions to have all your e-mail DMARC compatible. This is a continuous process and you should keep track of IP address which send SPAM on your behalf.

Check your SPF records

Are you ready for a quick test? Fill out your domain in the box below and we will run a test to validate your SPF records.

Choose your DMARC analyzer plan

Thank you for choosing DMARC analyzer! Start your 14 days FREE trial account and select your plan.

*You can cancel your account at any time, no strings attached even after your trial ends. No hidden fees.

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