Email leaves Healthcare organizations vulnerable to data breaches

How DMARC can protect the Healthcare industry against impersonation attacks?

Why Healthcare organizations need DMARC

On a daily base Healthcare organizations handle a lot of privacy sensitive information of their patients. Over the years, Healthcare organizations have started to work more digital. Making patient data more digitally accessible is great, however exposes Healthcare organizations to more risk. Email is the most used form of both internal and external communication by Healthcare organizations, it is also the most vulnerable to attacks. Malicious senders impersonate Healthcare organization to gain information and access of patients data.

“57 percent of email “from” the Healthcare industry is fraudulent or unauthenticated”

How DMARC Analyzer can solve these problems

Healthcare organizations use DMARC to ensure patients, employees and partners will only receive legitimate emails originating from their domains. With the overviews of DMARC Analyzer, malicious streams become visible and healthcare organizations can start authenticating their legitimate sources. The usage of DMARC Analyzer will keep patient data safe from phishing and impersonation attacks.

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