DMARC. Deployment. Simplified.

Managing governance and authentication of all your message streams can get complex and overwhelming. DMARC Analyzer is one of the few worldwide DMARC knowledge companies with more than 5 years of DMARC experience. Our DMARC implementation specialists are able to help you move towards a reject policy, allowing you to effectively block malicious mails. We have a process in place that will provide you insight and control over the emails send on behalf of your domain(s).

With our Managed Services we can pro-actively guide you through each phase of the DMARC deployment and maintenance. Together we will follow the steps that need to be taken to move the DMARC policy from monitor to quarantine and after that to 100% reject. This will not only save you a lot of time to investigate but with our help you can speed up the process.


Why Managed Services?

With Managed Services DMARC Analyzer will operate like a gatekeeper in order to protect all of your domains. A DMARC specialist will always guard your company against cyber attacks. Therefore you will never miss out on an ongoing attack. When an attack occurs we will proactively help oppose the attack with your DMARC team. Before setting up your DMARC Analyzer account we will provide you a detailed setup plan. With this plan it is easy for your DMARC team to start implementing DMARC Analyzer. A DMARC specialist will constantly monitor your progress towards the 100% reject policy. You will receive reports from a DMARC specialist including specific tips per domain. When needed we will discuss these reports in bi-weekly calls.
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Managed Services includes:

  • Customer onboarding
  • Policy analyse and enforcement
  • Alert and proactive advice in case of an attack
  • Monitoring and analyses of your data
  • Recommendations on next actions
  • Periodic meeting with DMARC deployment consultant
  • Periodic presentation on project status
  • Personalised reports aimed at your DMARC project
  • Assist to deal with DNS- and domain providers
  • Support on DMARC deployment
  • Access to the DMARC Analyzer software suite