DMARC. Deployment. Simplified.

Managing governance and authentication of all your message streams is complicated. Enterprises have multiple email channels for marketing, corporate and other applications. 3 rd parties forwarding your emails can create the additional complexity of email server authentication support. Your DMARC implementation needs to consider that to ensure you can safely block fraudulent and spoofed email. DMARC Analyzer is one of the pioneers of DMARC and helping customers since the inception of DMARC standard in 2012. Our DMARC implementation and project management specialists can help you manage your DMARC project, mitigate risks, allow you to safely block malicious emails without impacting your other email channels like marketing, transaction, etc. On-going management and reporting process will ensure a successful deployment, provide project status and risk management. It will support your Email Governance program with full visibility and control over the emails sent on behalf of your domain(s).

With Managed Services, we pro-actively guide you through each phase of the DMARC deployment and maintenance. Together we will follow the steps needed to move the DMARC policy from monitor to quarantine and after that to 100% reject. It saves you time in troubleshooting the authentication failure issues, minimize the risk of inadvertently blocking legitimate emails and quickly start benefiting by blocking spoofed and phishing emails.


Why Managed Services?

With Managed Services, DMARC Analyzer will be your extended team to protect all of your domains. A DMARC specialist will be available to provide support and expert advice. In the event of an email phishing or security incident, we can assist with message level details and forensic investigation to help your incident response team on the source of attacks, size of attack and share insights on other indicators of compromise.

Before setting up your DMARC Analyzer account, we will provide you with a detailed project plan. With this, it is easy for your DMARC team to start deploying DMARC Analyzer. A DMARC specialist will continuously monitor your progress towards the 100% reject policy. You will receive reports from a DMARC specialist including specific tips per domain. When needed we will discuss these reports in bi-weekly calls.

Managed Services includes:

  • Customer onboarding
  • Policy analysis and enforcement
  • Alert and proactive advice in case of an attack
  • Monitoring and interpretation of your DMARC data collected from Google, Yahoo, Outlook, and others.
  • Recommendations on next actions
  • Periodic meeting with DMARC deployment consultant
  • Presentation on project status and rollout for management reporting
  • Tailored reports aimed at your DMARC project and expert advice to help your DNS, Email and other team members to setup DMARC records accurately.
  • Access to the DMARC Analyzer software suite