What is Platinum Support?

Managing governance and authentication of all your message streams is complicated. Enterprises have multiple email channels for marketing, corporate and other applications. Third parties forwarding your emails can create the additional complexity of email server authentication support. Your DMARC deployment team needs to take this into account to ensure that you can safely block fraudulent and spoofed email. DMARC Analyzer is one of the pioneers of DMARC and has been helping customers since the introduction of the DMARC standard in 2012. Our DMARC deployment and project management specialists can help you with managing your DMARC project, mitigate risks, allow you to safely block malicious emails without impacting your other email channels like marketing, transaction, etc. On-going management and reporting process will ensure a successful deployment, provide project status and risk management. It will support your Email Governance program with full visibility and control over the emails sent on behalf of your domain(s).

DMARC Analyzer Platinum Support is an extra service level on top of the DMARC Analyzer Enterprise Software License. On top of the scope of the DMARC Analyzer Enterprise Software License, the DMARC Analyzer Enterprise Platinum Support package contains a lot of services like an assigned Account Manager that gives support by phone, Service Level Agreements and monthly personalized DMARC reports.

Why Platinum Support?

DMARC Analyzer Enterprise Platinum Support contains services from an assigned Account Manager that can help your company move forward in the DMARC process. Technical, analyzing and software related questions will be answered quickly by your specialist, with years of DMARC experience. When needed DMARC Analyzer can set up meetings and provide support by phone. With DMARC Analyzer Platinum Support you will receive a Service Level Agreement (SLA). In this contract DMARC Analyzer will define the level of service that your company will receive. When required specific services can be added to the contract. With the Enterprise Platinum Support you will receive a custom DMARC report from your Account Manager every month. This report provides you statistics, insights and actions that can fasten your deployment process. If you would like a report more frequent, this is possible.
Benefits of Platinum Support:

  • Monthly base personalized DMARC reports
  • Assigned Account Manager
  • Data retention of 365 days
  • Support by phone
  • Reduce IT/operational costs


Platinum Support includes:

  • Full access to the DMARC Analyzer software suite
  • 365 days data retention
  • Support by email, chat and phone
  • Customized contracts (specific SaaS-, GDPR Data processor agreement, compliance with customers corporate policy)
  • Assigned Account Manager
  • Monthly personalized DMARC report (or more frequent on demand)



Ready to Get Started?

Please provide us some basic information about the level and type of service you are considering, how many domains your dealing with, volume expectation and the most convenient method of contacting you. One of our DMARC specialists will respond to your request promptly to have an initial conversation related to your desire.