What happens if I exceed my subscription volume?

When DMARC Analyzer receives more volume than the volume tier of an account allows, it will automatically lock the account. In this article we will explain how this can happen, what happens to an account which is locked and how to get access to the account again.

I am locked out of my account, what happened?

Based on the amount of DMARC compliant emails which DMARC Analyzer receives in a 30 day timespan, the DMARC Analyzer Suite determines if an account exceeds their volume tier. Not DMARC compliant emails are not counted towards the volume, so a sudden spoofing campaign can not cause a volume exceed.

DMARC Analyzer will automatically lock down accounts if the volume limit is exceeded. This means that if in a period of 30 days DMARC Analyzer processed more DMARC compliant emails than the chosen volume tier allows, an account gets locked.

I.e. when DMARC Analyzer processes 125,000 emails in a period of 20 days and an organisation subscribed to the <100,000 DMARC compliant emails a month tier, the account will be locked.

My account is locked, what happens now?

When the volume tier is exceeded and an account is locked, DMARC Analyzer will keep receiving DMARC reports, also the data which was previously gathered will not be deleted. However the functionalities of the DMARC Analyzer Suite will not be accessible anymore. When you are locked out of your account it is not possible to view any of the overviews, until the account is upgraded or if the volume does not exceed the volume tier anymore.

How can I get access to my account again?

If an account is locked due to a volume exceed, it is not possible to do anything in the account anymore. The only functionality that is still accessible is the account & billing page to upgrade the account. There are two ways to get access to an account again:

1. Remove the DMARC records of the domain which causes the volume exceed
A possibility to get access to your account again is to remove one or more domains from the account. If a certain domain causes the exceed of the volume tier, removing the DMARC record which points to DMARC Analyzer can solve the problem. When the DMARC record does not point to DMARC Analyzer anymore, we will stop receiving DMARC reports and therefore the volume which counts towards the 30 day volume will drop.

It is important to note that by removing a DMARC record which points to DMARC Analyzer, will not give you back access to the account immediately. After removing the DMARC records, it can take up to 30 days before the volume is disappeared and not counted towards the 30 day volume anymore.

To remove a domain, the DMARC record which points to your personalized DMARC Analyzer RUA and RUF address needs to be removed. Remove the DMARC record that points to DMARC Analyzer by changing the DMARC record within your DNS. When the record is removed or points to another email address than DMARC Analyzer, DMARC Analyzer will no longer receive reports for the domain.

2. Upgrade to the next tier
To get immediate access to your account again, you can upgrade to the volume tier that fits your monthly email volume. When you log in to your DMARC Analyzer account, click on the upgrade button to upgrade to the next volume tier. You can also go the the account & billing page and from there upgrade to the next subscription. When you upgrade to the next volume tier, you will get immediate access to your account and data again.