How to start with DMARC

Starting with DMARC is very easy. Just publish a DNS record to start collecting the reports.
Doing that is also quite easy. Only 3 steps!
  1. Register or Login to DMARC analyzer and go to the DMARC analyzer setup to generate a custom DNS record for your account.
  2. Login to your DNS provider and go to the section “Manage DNS” (or likewise)
  3. Create a new TXT record for the domain(s) you’d like to add and use the following values:
    • Hostname: Fill this with “_dmarc”. Please note the underscore, that is important and required.
    • Type: The DNS record type should be “TXT”
    • Value: The value of the record is presented by or DNS record generator at the setup. This starts with “v=DMARC1”
    • Store the record

After creating the record, you can validate it using our DMARC record validator. Please note that due to DNS caching it can take up to 72 hours for the change to take effect and the ISPs to start sending DMARC reports.

After setting up DMARC for a single domain you can add the same DNS record to other domains. Use the same “value” to associate it with your DMARC analyzer account.

You’ll see reports coming within 3 days after the change, providing you send emails to the ISPs who’ve deployed DMARC. As most large ISPs have, that should be no problem.

Now you’re off to start using and implementing DMARC!