Standard Software License

The software suite called “DMARC Analyzer” is provided by DMARC Analyzer as SaaS (Software as a Service). With the Standard License of DMARC Analyzer you will have access to all Standard features that DMARC Analyzer provides.

The software suite collects DMARC reports and empowers its user with additional features to deploy a DMARC policy on an user-friendly way. Once the DMARC policies are published in the DNS of the relevant domains, DMARC Analyzer will receive DMARC reports from ISP’s receiving emails on behalf of these domains.

This consists of:
• DMARC Aggregate Reports with ISP feedback on emails and authentication status
• DMARC Forensic Reports with additional information and sample reports of emails

The DMARC Analyzer software suite processes the reports, analyzes and reports on the results. This empowers the end user to identify email sources, authorize legit sources and eventually block malicious email sending sources. All your data will be stored for 90 days.

Standard Software License includes:

  • Access to the DMARC Analyzer software suite
  • Unlimited users, domains and domain groups
  • Aggregate RUA & Forensic RUF DMARC reports
  • Automated alerts & reporting via email
  • DMARC/SPF/DKIM record checkers
  • Knowledgebase and support
  • Support on software
  • Full insight on email channels (incl third party emails and abuse)
  • Tips to decrease erroneous (malicious) IP
  • User friendly charts and statistics
  • Automatic subdomain discovery
  • Two-factor authentication
  • DNS timeline (DNS record monitoring)
  • Domain grouping
  • Software support chat
  • 90 days data retention
  • 1 up to < 10.000.000 monthly email volume

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